Marine of the Year

“Marine of the Year” Southwest Division


Throughout the year, we have Marines within the Southwest Division who provide selfless service to other Marines and their families, veterans, and their communities.  We want to recognize individuals for their contributions.  The Southwest Division Marine of the Year program was initiated in 2006, with Richard Williams of the San Diego Bulldog Detachment being honored with our first medal for his initiation and development of the Injured Marine Fund, which is now part of the Marines Helping Marines program.

There are many Marines who volunteer time at the VA, or who put together “care” packages for our troops serving in harm’s way, or who provide education and financial assistance to youth in the community. We want to know their stories.  And we want you to nominate those who serve “above and beyond” for the Southwest Division Marine of the Year award.

Marine of the Year Submission Form

Administrative Procedures

The Southwest Division Marine Corps League, has sanctioned the selection of an active member from the various Detachments within the Southwest Division to the high honor of Marine of the Year. The following comprises the administrative procedures as of 30 June 2006 (as amended) and establishes “The Society of Marine of the Year, Southwest Division”, hereinafter referred to as “The Society”

Membership: “The Society” will be comprised of all Marine Corps League members who have been awarded  the “Southwest Division Marine of the Year” at a Southwest Division Conference. Only those members who are active, annual or life members in good standing shall be voting members of “The Society”. The National Vice Commandant of the Southwest Division shall be an “Ex-Officio” member of “The Society” without a vote. The National Vice Commandant will have a voting right only should the total membership of “The Society” fail to maintain four (4) active members. (Initially, the Society will consist of Past National Vice Commandants of the Southwest Division).

Leadership: “The Society” shall elect/appoint one of its members to the office of Chair of “The Society” at the Division conference for the coming year. In the event the Chair cannot be present at any meeting of “The Society”, the senior Marine of the Year shall represent “The Society” or Chair at the meeting of “The Society”

Quorum: “The Society” shall meet prior to the Southwest Division  Conference on call of the Chair, to determine selection, if any, of that years’ Marine of the Year. There shall be at least three (3) members present to constitute a quorum of “The Society”.

Nominations: Nominations for Southwest Division Marine of the Year may originate from any member or organization within the Division, BUT the nomination must be approved by the nominee’s Detachment. This means that if someone other than the nominee’s Detachment is submitting an award recommendation, it must be sent to the nominee’s detachment commandant for signature before submission to the Division.

The award shall be presented to a Marine Corps League member, who in the opinion of their peers and detachment have rendered service and performed deeds above and beyond that expected of a member of the League. Nominations should contain information that is immediately evident to the reader that the individual enhanced the concepts of citizenship, furthered the aims and ideals of the League, or acted in a heroic manner without regard to his or her personal safety. Written affidavits, newspaper articles or personal statements are not required, but may be submitted.

Membership Requirements: The nominee must be an annual or life member in good standing of the Marine Corps League and by extension, the Southwest Division.

Application: Even though applications may be initiated by other division members and organizations, ALL nominations must be submitted through or by the nominee’s Detachment and signed by the nominee’s Detachment Commandant and/or Adjutant-Paymaster. In the event the nominee is a member of multiple detachments, any of those detachments may be considered the nominee’s Detachment.
Detachments will not be limited as to the number of nominations they may make in any one Division year. All nominations will be in writing and shall be forwarded by cover letter (suggest Detachment Letterhead Stationary) not later that the first day of the last week of October. Nominations not in good order or received after the deadline requirement shall be returned to the Detachment with a note from “The Society” Chair.

Forwarding of Nominations: Nominations shall be forwarded with the cover letter and any/all attachments to enhance the nomination to the Society Chair by US Postal Service or via E-Mail if practical.  Nominations may also be personally delivered to the National Vice Commandant of the Southwest Division, or “The Society” Chair not later than OCTOBER  31st, annually. The envelope containing the nomination must be clearly marked “Marine of the Year Southwest Division”. The National Vice Commandant will deliver to the Chair of “The Society” all nomination envelopes or emails no later than 7 November.

Selection Board Action: The Chair will call a meeting of “The Society” between November 7 and January 7 preceding the Southwest Division Conference. Presence at a “meeting” may be physical, phone conference, email, or other electronic means. The Chair and members of “The Society” present will open the nominations, or have the nominations distributed to the members in hard copy or electronic form for Marine of the Year, and shall ensure that all nominations meet the basic criteria of membership in a Detachment, and assure that the nomination is from the nominee’s Detachment.

“The Society” Members present will analyze all applications and make a selection. “The Society” will not be required to make a selection; if the nomination’s received do not meet the Marine of the Year expectations criteria. The selection may be made by voice consensus or by ballot, but the results of the voting must be recorded and sealed for the Society files.

It is the sincere intent of “The Society” to make an annual award every year. Under the circumstance, whereby Detachments neglect to submit nominations or those nominations received fail to be qualified nominations,. or should “The Society” members present fail to constitute a quorum, a selection will not be made.

Recognition: The Chair shall inform the National Vice Commandant of the Southwest Division prior to the Southwest Division Conference held in conjunction with the Marine Expo West (currently in the January-February time frame) of the final selection made by “The Society” for the Southwest Division Marine of the Year.

The Chair and/or National Vice Commandant shall be responsible for obtaining the certificate of recognition prior to the  Division Conference. The National Vice Commandant and the Chair (usually at the Division Conference, or Banquet in connection with the Division Conference, or at the Individuals Department Convention) shall make the presentation. All Detachment Commandants should ensure that their nominee(s) are present at the Division Conference whenever possible.