Marine West Registration

At previous Expos, all you had to do to get on the base was to say you were there to attend Expo.  That is no longer the case. 

So here’s the latest, greatest link to register to get onto the base for Expo and it does seem to work. So once again, please forward to all your staff and Detachments.  This one, we believe, is the most current and the one that will be the only registration accepted at the gate. 

I did have a little trouble getting to the actual registration page (thanks to Marine Ebright for the assist).  Just in case you find yourself in the same state, here’s what you do:

1. Click here
2. On the lower left side of the page that opens, click on “For More Info Click Here”
3. At the upper left, click on “Menu” and select “Attendee Info” from the drop down list
4. On that page, (HERE) you’ll see “Marine West Attendee Registration”.  You don’t need to put in a company name (If required, you can use your own name)
5. Fill in all the requested information and you should be “good to go” when you get to the base in February.  (You can add other people under your “company”)
6. Then just wait for your access letter in January

Thanks for your patience!

Now I know you are all squared away Marines so the following is already understood.  HOWEVER, to make absolutely certain that there are no misunderstandings…EVERYONE that wants to go onto the base for Expo West must be on that list. SO…if your spouse, significant other, etc. is going to attend with you, their name has to be on the list too

Semper Fidelis,
Kathy L. Reese, Adjutant
Southwest Division