Marine West Expo / SW Division Conference

Arrangements have been made at the Days Inn in Oceanside:

Single Room $65 per night
Double Room $75 per night
(pricing good from Feb 4th to 9th)

Days Inn Hotel Website

1501 Carmelo Dr
Oceanside, CA 92054

Marine West Registration

At previous Expos, all you had to do to get on the base was to say you were there to attend Expo.  That is no longer the case. 

Camp Pendleton Base Access

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton access requirements for non-DOD ID Holders have become more stringent within the past year. If you do not hold a current Active, Reserve, Retired Military, DOD Civilian, or DOD Contractor Identification card, you must complete the Marine West attendee registration process for all of your booth staff no later than January 3, 2019.

During the registration process, you will need to submit the following required base access information (for each registrant):

  • Driver’s License Number
  • State of Issue
  • Date of Birth
  • Last date of on base sponsorship (if within the last 60 days)

Prior to the end of January 2019, non-DOD ID holders who have submitted all required information will receive a Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton access letter via the email address provided during the registration process. The access letter will be good for the dates of Wednesday, 6 February to Friday, 8 February.

If you register AFTER January 3, 2019 and do not have a DOD ID, you will need to be sponsored to get on base, meaning you will need to arrive on base with someone who has a DOD ID. You will also need to show a valid ID such as driver’s license or U.S. Passport.

ARRIVAL ON BASE – For non-DOD ID holders entry to Camp Pendleton will be restricted to the Main Gate off of the I-5 in Oceanside, CA. Upon arrival, you must be prepared to present your driver’s license and the base access letter. Additionally, on each subsequent occasion that you arrive at the Camp Pendleton Main Gate for entry to the base, you must be prepared to present both the access letter and your driver’s license to security personnel.

Now I know you are all squared away Marines so the following is already understood.  HOWEVER, to make absolutely certain that there are no misunderstandings…EVERYONE that wants to go onto the base for Expo West must be on that list. SO…if your spouse, significant other, etc. is going to attend with you, their name has to be on the list too

Semper Fidelis,
Kathy L. Reese, Adjutant
Southwest Division

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