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    FEBRUARY 8, 2018

    Meeting Called to Order at 1302 with proper ceremonies.
    Dignitaries were introduced by Marine Hoery. National Jr. Vice Cmndt. Johnny Baker, Past National Vice Commandant SW Division Gene Rivers, National Vice Commandant NW Division Morgan

    Officers Present:  National Asst. Vice Cmndt SW Division Ebright. Adjutant Reese, Aide-de-Camp AZ Marine Pat Connell, Sgt-at-Arms Marine Frank Miller, Chaplain Marine Ron Donaldson
    Minutes of Previous Meeting (Adjutant Reese): Motion made by Marine Connell to approve minutes as read, seconded by Marine Hightower.  Motion approved unanimously.

    Sick and Distress:  Marine Richard Broderick has suffered a heart attack and is the hospital in very serious condition. Former Sgt Major seriously injured in a fall; Marine Ermy has fluid in his lungs.

    National Jr Vice Commandant Report

    National JVC Johnny Baker reported on the following:

    EIN’s – received parent list from IRS.  League will work on it until mid-March to make it correct.  Several detachments still working outside the 0955 umbrella of the League.  Very important that ALL Detachments a are under the 0955 designation.  If you are a “1” under the IRS deductibility code, you have the correct designation; if not it needs to be correct ASAP.  Everyone else is in trouble.  If you don’t know, you need to find out.  You can call him and be walked through the process.  He can point you to the right location on the IRS website.  Codes of 0 or 2 put you in jeopardy in terms of collecting donations.  There is a fine of at least $500 to be reinstated if you are not in good standing.  This can impact new officers.

    National will try to change everyone to a designation level of 1 by a blanket letter to the IRS. Cmndt Webb has been working very hard on this.  It is not a quick process.  Most important thing is that your EIN is in good standing.  In the SE Division, they collect everyone’s 990 at the Department level to make sure everyone is in compliance.  Some Detachments have a C19 or C3 designation with the IRS.  National does not even know what the ramifications are if a Detachment is set up under one of those designations.  What they do know is that the League was set up as a C-504 and all Detachments should match that.

    Marine Rivers – important to be up-to-date to avoid large fines, sometimes in the $1,000’s.  Each state is different.  Be sure your Detachments know what is required.  National BOT has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure it is solvent.  The BOT works for the public and is answerable to them.  The IRS can legally take money from them if they are not doing the right thing.  Dept Cmndt. has the fiduciary responsibility to Detachments to make sure they are following the IRS guidelines.

    National has plans to suspend a Detachment’s charter if a Detachment does not get within the appropriate filing designation.  the proposed policy, an EIN must be obtained within 6 months and incorporation must occur within one year. This new policy will be in the revised bylaws and impact auxiliaries and Devil Dogs as well.

    Toys for TotsA detachment that doesn’t use a “legal” coordinator trained by the Foundation or is working directly with a reserve center cannot collect toys or use the T4T logo. T4T is a protected logo and can’t be used without permission.

    Bylaws/AP ChangesBoard of Trustees must have the ability and permission to work for us as needed.  Updates/revisions need to be made when necessary instead of only once a year. This is one of the major changes being incorporated into the revisions.

    Department of Arizona – Marine Pat Connell, Commandant

    The Department of Arizona, Marine Corps League, continues to be a vital and vibrant Department of the National Organization.  The individual Detachments that comprise the Department take extreme pride in accomplishing the tasks and missions set out by both the Department and the National Headquarters. The various programs offered and supported by the individual Detachments are flourishing due to the local efforts in the cities and regions where each Detachment exists.  The Department benefits, as is rightly so, by the efforts of the members of each individual Detachment.

    Fundraising has always been a large part of any organization and it is no different with the various Detachments within the Department of Arizona.  Over the course of this past year, I have been made aware of all the community involvement by the Detachments all across this great state.  By word of mouth and also my own observations, members of the Detachments have stood outside countless grocery stores, local community events such as Balloon Festivals in Lake Havasu City, golf tournaments in Sedona, gun shows in Mesa and Phoenix, Veteran commemoration events in Marana, Holiday light shows in Glendale, frontier days in Tombstone and Sierra Vista and numerous other events in cities from the east borders to the western ones, from the south to the north and points in between. All of these appearances by our Marines have had only one objective in mind – to raise funds to support Arizona’s Veterans. And how successful these efforts have been.

    This was clearly brought to the forefront over this past year when a photo was published in the Winter edition of our organization’s magazine, Semper Fi. The Arizona Marines Assisting Marines is one of the more vibrant programs that exists within the Department. The Marines of our own Sedona Detachment work diligently to raise funds to not only take care of other Marines and Veterans in general in their own local area, they distribute those funds throughout the state. At the Fall 2017 Conference, Sedona Detachment #1237 donated a total of $5000.00 to the Marines Helping Marines and the Arizona Marines Assisting Marines programs. Since 2008, Marines of the Sedona Detachment have donated over $103,000.00 to these programs alone. This is no small feat for the size of the Sedona Detachment but rather a great testimony to the dedication these Marines have to the Marine Corps League, their Detachment and their community. I have found this sense of dedication throughout the State of Arizona and am so impressed by the efforts expended by all members of each and every Detachment.

    An ongoing project within the State is the memorial currently under construction/renovation in the small community of Marana, Arizona. There, Marines of the local Marana Nighthawk Detachment have been working tirelessly to raise funds for the placement of Interstate 10 signs pointing out the way to the Memorial’s location.  It is a long and arduous task, but the Marines of that Detachment have persevered through setback after setback, from good news to not so good news but they continue to plug away and raise funds. They still have a way to go but I am confident that they will succeed. Just this past week, I was notified that a Marine from another Detachment in the state has a line on a contractor who might be willing to donate, in its entirety, the concrete needed for the Memorial. This donation alone would cost upwards of several thousands of dollars. This memorial is being constructed and renovated to commemorate the passing of Marines during the crash of a Marine Osprey in the location over 17 years ago.

    The Department of Arizona, Marine Corps League, stands out as a shining example of what Detachments can do when they work with each other for the benefit of the over 600,000 Veterans who reside in the state. We will never be able to help all those in need, but the Marines who comprise this Department will certainly leave indelible impressions on those they do assist. Another example of this assisting the Veterans in the local community came to light just a few days ago when a member of the Old Breed Detachment in Glendale was honored by the placement of a memorial brick engraved with his name in the Veterans Memorial pathway of a park in Anthem, just north of Phoenix. This Marine has worked hard for several years, without any recompense or recognition, to further enhance the lives of innumerable Veterans in the State. From working with homeless Veteran housing, to Veterans Courts, to advising family members on a wide range of topics, this Marine has dedicated hundreds of hours to improve the welfare of our Veterans. He was finally rewarded for his efforts and was extremely humbled by the honor.

    This type of dedication is what I see on a daily basis from the Marines of the Department of Arizona. The cooperation exhibited by all the Detachments throughout the State is commend-able. The mission of the Marine Corps League is being fulfilled, only because of the quality of this Department’s members and Staff. I am honored to lead such a fine group of men and women, Marines and Associates, within this Department.

    Cmndt. Connell added the importance of recognizing members who are doing a good job either with a certificate or medal.  The importance of forwarding the Detachment MOY up the chain was also discussed.

    Department of California – Marine Villalobos, Commandant

    A bit of a financial crunch so had to cancel fall conference.  Created two new trustee positions.  This will help to get more hands-on supervision and recruitment.  Possibility of two more detachments.  He is glad that the National Bylaw changes are almost done so they can finish their revisions.

    Department of Nevada Sr. Vice Hansberry
    He will provide his POC to everyone.  Bob Roach passed away December 13th; his wife is in need of prayer.


    Division cannot have a bank account so an EIN number is not needed.



    Marine Rivers served as Elections Chair:
    National NVC SW – Marine Villalobos nominated Marine Ebright; no further nominations.

    National Asst. NVC SW – Marine Hightower nominated Marine Connell; no further nominations.

    Marines Ebright and Connell indicated their willingness to serve.

    A motion was made by Marine McDougal to elect Marines Ebright and Connell by acclimation, seconded by Marine Bazan.  Motion approved unanimously.

    Officers will be installed at the National Convention in Buffalo, NY.


    Marine of the Year – Marine Bob Wallace was nominated for MOY by the Department of Arizona.  The nomination was approved. Attendees were reminded the importance of presenting this award at the Detachment level then submitting nominations upwards to the Department, Division and National levels
    Marine Hoery expressed his appreciation to Marine McDougall for all she did to prepare for this meeting.

    Mid-Winter Meeting – March 1-3, 2018

    National Convention – in Buffalo, NY the second week of August 2018.

    100 Years of Women Marines – will be celebrated Labor Day Weekend in Washington, DC

    Closed with proper ceremonies at 1402.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Kathy L Reese, Adjutant
    Department of Arizona and
    Southwest Division

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